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Undergraduate professional studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Undergraduate professional studies last 3 years (180 ECTS).

Answer: The entrance exam is taken in Nursing.

Answer: Lecture attendance is not mandatory, but we advise that you attend lectures whenever you can. Likewise, all lectures are recorded and posted on our website and each student will receive their own access parameters (username and password) based on which they will be able to access the website and view all recorded lectures. In addition to lectures, the website also contains materials for exam preparation.

Answer: Yes. The curriculum contains several courses in which clinical practice is mandatory and must be attended.

Answer: The school has an information system called the ICEPS System. Each student is able to access this system with an appropriate user account, received upon enrolment in the school. Through the ICEPS System, you can track your schedule, register/unregister for exams, track exam results, track your transactions, and access your electronic student’s record book.

Answer: The professional title awarded after the completion of undergraduate studies in Nursing is Bachelor in Nursing (BScN).

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Students about us:)


30 years later, I am a student again! I hope this information and the decision to continue my studies at ICEPS, with the current competition, already speaks volumes. The positive comments about the School were just the wind at my back. But, as a member of the “older” generation, I must admit that a major role in my decision to enroll in ICEPS was played by the kind, eloquent, helpful colleagues from the Student Service.

Student of the third year of the Nursing study course, HEI Belgrade

What led me to enroll in ICEPS is the modern way of working with students, which allows us to have access to all the necessary materials for exam preparation at any time of the day, practical classes in our hometown, and adapting to specific student requirements. Also, I would like to mention the well-organized work of all employees, who are there to clear up all our doubts and who are supportive of achieving positive results.


Student of the first year of the Nursing study course, HEI Belgrade

The use of modern methods and systems of learning and working, as well as the efficiency of all the employees, is what makes me a satisfied student of this School. The professors are always there to cooperate. All the material is provided to us, so we spend our energy on what we need to – on learning and training. Also, students are fully appreciated by the professors and the Student Service. Anyone who wants to constantly learn, work, and improve in the field of medicine, has my warm recommendation to enroll in ICEPS.

Student of the third year of the Nursing study course, RHEC Leskovac